55+ Free Funimation Premium Accounts & Passwords (2024)


Are you a fan of anime? Do you want to watch your favorite shows without having to deal with ads? If so, then you may be interested in getting free Funimation Premium accounts.

Anime enthusiasts all around the world rejoice as Funimation offers an extensive collection of beloved anime series and movies.

However, access to the full range of Funimation Premium content often comes with a price tag. But what if we share some 100% working Free Funimation Premium Accounts & Passwords that actually work?

These free accounts will give you access to the vast library of Funimation anime and manga series without any restrictions. Now you can watch your favorite anime series without any financial burden.

You don’t have to use any Funimation Account Generator tools as they are fake and may put you at risk. All you have to find a genuine Funimation Account Login Details that you can get from this page.

So without breaking the bank, let’s grab some Premium Funimation Accounts for Free from the below list.

Latest Free Funimation Premium Accounts (Updated – April 7, 2024)

Email Address Password Last Updated
[email protected] Seanybhoy12 April 7, 2024
[email protected] Truman99 April 7, 2024
[email protected] chen1026 April 7, 2024
[email protected] Nolanmmc73 April 7, 2024
[email protected] 270brk44 April 7, 2024
[email protected] smooth23# April 7, 2024
[email protected] killer1984 April 7, 2024
[email protected] 4mytrouble April 7, 2024
[email protected] Caprisun1 Today
[email protected] Broncos1 Today
[email protected] Tessiedog54 Today
[email protected] qq135797 1 Day Ago
[email protected] C8H10N4O2 2 Days Ago


Note: The Above Funimation Accounts are shared by users and are free for everyone. If any account is not working, it means someone has changed the password or the accounts have reached the maximum number of users. You can check more Funimation premium accounts from the below list.

What is Funimation Premium Account?

For those new to the anime community, Funimation is a leading streaming platform specializing in Japanese anime content.

With a vast library of classic and contemporary series, Funimation caters to the tastes of all anime fans. From action-packed shonen to heartwarming slice-of-life, there’s something for everyone on this platform.

With a premium subscription, you can watch ad-free, get access to new episodes early, and stream on multiple devices.

Unlimited streaming: 

You can watch as much anime as you want, whenever you want.

Downloading for offline viewing: 

Moving to no Internet zone? If yes, then make sure to download your favorite anime shows and movies to watch offline.

Access to the Funimation library: 

You will have access to the entire Funimation library, which includes thousands of anime shows and movies.

Ad-Free Experience

Bid farewell to pesky ads interrupting your anime marathons. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming sessions and immerse yourself fully in the captivating worlds of your favorite series.

Early Access to New Episodes

Stay ahead of the anime curve with early access to the latest episodes. Premium account holders get to watch new releases before they become available to free users.

HD Quality Streaming

Anime is a visually rich art form, and the best way to appreciate it is in high-definition quality. Premium accounts grant you access to HD streaming, allowing you to witness every detail and color as intended by the creators.

Is Funimation Free?

Yes, Funimation offers a free plan that allows you to watch a limited amount of content with ads. You can also get a 14-day free trial of the premium plan, which gives you access to the entire Funimation library ad-free.

Here are the features of the Funimation free plan:

  • Watch a limited amount of content: You can watch a limited amount of content from the Funimation library, including some popular shows like “My Hero Academia” and “Attack on Titan.”
  • Watch with ads
  • No offline viewing

You can create your free account by going to the https://www.funimation.com/.

On the other hand, The premium account gives extra features to users as they can enjoy an ad-free experience, early access to new episodes, unlimited streaming, offline viewing, and high-definition streaming.

The cost of the premium plans are:

  • Premium: Starts at $5.99/ month & $59.99/ year
  • Premium Plus: Starts at $7.99/ month & $79.99/ year
  • Premium Plus Ultra: Starts at $99.99/ year

However, it is very hard to manage such an amount for a middle-class anime lover. So we decided to create a complete list of some working Free Funimation Premium Accounts that give you the ability to watch thousands of anime series for free.

Free Funimation Premium Accounts & Passwords (2024)

Email Password
[email protected] bahattin42
[email protected] gregory1997
[email protected] Morgan107
[email protected] boogie123@
[email protected] thor4001Gt
[email protected] Wasabi55$
[email protected] DUTTA227174
[email protected] !mother111
[email protected] Erindale30
[email protected] Conscript22
[email protected] Fifa1602
[email protected] 671987Rr
[email protected] pluto12336
[email protected] bagels0198
[email protected] ambitious108
[email protected] lop00717%
[email protected] Luderw9701
[email protected] Ghilliedude312
[email protected] lollipop11
[email protected] Hurricanes20
[email protected] crosby87

Funimation Premium Plus Account Details

Email Password
[email protected] bonethugs#
[email protected] M1ndgam3s
[email protected] cavalier36
[email protected] kolopolo11
[email protected] Blah1blah
[email protected] jmi122006
[email protected] u1627729
[email protected] Harrison10


That’s all folks!! The above table provides the genuine Funimation Premium Account Username & Password. Now you never gonna miss your favorite anime shows and manga series.

In order to enjoy the premium content on Funimation, log in using the above email addresses and passwords.

If you face any error while signing in, it means either someone has changed the password or the account has been deleted by the officials. The accounts may also not work if the subscription of that account has expired.

In such a situation, you can use other Funimation Free accounts that will definitely work for free.  However, we try to update the table frequently, so if you want to get a working account, make sure to bookmark this page and visit again later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it legal to use free Funimation premium accounts?

Using free premium accounts obtained through legitimate means, such as trials and giveaways, is legal. However, acquiring accounts through illegal methods violates Funimation’s terms of service and copyright laws.

Can I share my account with others?

While sharing is caring, Funimation’s terms of service discourage account sharing. Each account should be used by the individual who owns it.

What anime series are available on Funimation?

Funimation boasts a vast library of anime series and movies, spanning various genres and eras. From iconic classics to current fan favorites, you’ll find a diverse selection.

How long is the free trial period?

The duration of the free trial period may vary depending on ongoing promotions. Typically, it lasts for a week or two.

Can I download episodes for offline viewing?

Yes, with a premium account, you can download episodes for offline viewing on supported devices.

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