Free Sublime Text 4 License Key 2024 For All Builds


Are you looking for Free Sublime Text 4 License Key? If yes, then look no further as I am going to share some 100% working license keys for Sublime Text 4. These keys for all Sublime Text builds will help you use all the features of this awesome software.

Sublime Text is a feature-rich text editor for coders, web developers, and software engineers, revered for its simplicity, speed, and efficiency.

This tool is essentially created to enhance the coding experience. It has an intuitive user interface and minimalist design, which makes it user-friendly for beginners, while also providing powerful tools for seasoned developers.

Its lightning-fast performance is one of its defining features, allowing users to handle extensive codebases with ease and without any hiccups.

Sublime Text is a highly functional editor that supports a vast range of programming and markup languages. It comes equipped with powerful features like syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and error detection, making it a great choice for developers. The editor is highly customizable to suit individual preferences and needs, with the ability to add plugins and extensions via the Package Control feature.

Free Sublime Text 4 License Key 2024 For All Builds

Below I have shared working licenses for all builds of Sublime Text that you can use to activate the software.

Sublime Text 4 License For All Builds (4123, 4126 & All)

Mifeng User
Single User License
C0DAA9CD 6BE825B5 FF935692 1750523A
EDF59D3F A3BD6C96 F8D33866 3F1CCCEA
1C25BE4D 25B1C4CC 5110C20E 5246CC42
D232C83B C99CCC42 0E32890C B6CBF018
B1D4C178 2F9DDB16 ABAA74E5 95304BEF
9D0CCFA9 8AF8F8E2 1E0A955E 4771A576
50737C65 325B6C32 817DCB83 A7394DFA
27B7E747 736A1198 B3865734 0B434AA5

How to use the License Key?

  • Download Sublime Text 4 on your PC.
  • Install it and Launch the software.
  • Click Help from the top menu and select the Enter License option.
  • Copy the license from the above section from beginning to end.
  • Paste it into the box and click the Use License button.
  • That’s it!! You will see a message “Thanks for activating.
  • Click the OK button and start using the full version for free.


  • The License is valid for unlimited devices.
  • The license is valid for a lifetime until you re-install it.
  • It is valid for all builds of Sublime Text 4.

So this is all you need to know regarding Free Sublime Text 4 License Key 2024 For All Builds & How to use it. I hope you can activate the full version of this awesome software for free.

Moreover, if you have any queries regarding this, then feel free to ask me via the below comment section.

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