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Hero Wars

Hero Wars is a popular RPG for Android and iOS. It is published by Nexters on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Check out our Hero Wars guide, tips, cheats & strategies.

Hero Wars – Fantasy World by Nexters is just like other RPGs where players build a team of heroes and fight the beasts in the PvE mode and players in the PvP Arena. It features a dozen of heroes that you use, and upgrade to slay down the enemies in all these game modes. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Hero Wars guide covers all the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Hero Wars tips, tricks & cheats that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Hero Wars Guide, Tips: –

The goal of the player in Hero Wars game is to build the best team of heroes – the game offers a variety of heroes – each with different abilities, roles, and stats. You can level them up, promote them, evolve them, equip them with gear, and upgrade/unlock skills to make them stronger. For all these upgrades, you will need to grind a lot in the campaign mode. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Hero Wars tips & tricks: –

Build The Best Heroes Team

If you don’t know what are the best heroes in the Hero Wars game – to build the best team, then we would recommend checking this post in which we have shared all the best heroes, good heroes, and worst heroes: –

Get Familiar With The Heroes

The first thing to do is get familiar with the heroes in Hero Wars.

  • Tank-Type – these heroes fight from the front line and excel in absorbing the damage. Their HP and shield stats help them soak most of the enemy damage – giving the shield to allies who fight or support in the backline
    Support – these types of heroes can support allies with their abilities like healing, buffs, shields, etc.
  • Healer – healers in Hero Wars have the healing abilities – to heal the allies
  • Mage – these types of heroes use magic abilities – burst DPS, buffs, debuffs, etc. Their main strength is the abilities they possess
  • Control – these types of heroes have CC skills, which can control the enemies; for
  • example – making them stunned, slow, freeze, etc.
  • Marksman – these types of heroes fight from the backline. Marksman-type heroes are good at inflicting damage from a distance; they have AoE, burst, and single-DPS skills. In other words, they are the attackers. If you want to grind a stage fast, a team full of Marksman can help you grind quickly – thanks to their firepower
  • Warrior – these types of heroes fight from the front line and excel in melee fights
    In the stats tab of the hero profile, you can check his/her type.

Now, how do you build the best team in Hero Wars?

We would recommend you to choose the heroes wisely – based on their strength, roles, and enemies’ strengths/weaknesses. For example – to quickly grind the stage that you have already completed or it’s easy to kill all the enemies in that stage – then go with all the attackers to complete it fast.

In close battles where enemies are as powerful as your heroes, you might need to build a balanced team; tank-type heroes for defense, fighters; melee or range, supporters; and healers. We would strongly recommend you to check this post for more information: –

Complete Daily Quests To Increase Team Level

Improving the team level is important as it increases the max hero level and unlocks new functions. As the max level of heroes increases, you get to upgrade them further, which makes them stronger than before. So make sure that you complete all the daily quests, earn team EXP, and focus on increasing the team level. In the upper-left corner of the game screen, tap the book.

This will open the daily quests menu where you can check all the daily quests that grant team EXP, as well as, other rewards such as gold coins, raid tickets, chests, energy, etc.

Raid To Get The Rewards Instantly

The stages that you have already completed can be played again for more rewards and gears. And, if you have cleared a stage with 3 stars, then you can use the raid function. Head to the campaign mode -> select the stage that you have completed with 3-stars -> tap the raid button. You can raid a stage three times a day using the raid tickets, which can be obtained from the quests or theater.

Check Out The Theater In Hero Wars

On the main screen of the game, tap the merchant shop. This will take you to the shop menu where you can buy EXP Potions, and energy, exchange arena coins in the arena shop, spend Highwayman coins on hero shards, and get free rewards from the Theater. Head to the Theater menu -> there you can get the tickets by watching the video Ads -> and, spend on energy, raid tickets, emeralds, and gold coins.

Learn How To Get Heroes

There are many ways to get heroes in the Hero Wars game; by completing the chapters, opening the heroic chests, arena shop, and event shop. Also, you will need duplicate heroes to evolve them for further power improvement. Navigate to the all heroes menu -> tap on an unlocked hero -> tap the ⇑ button next to the evolve button to check how to get this duplicate hero’s shards.

In the same menu, tap on any locked hero -> how to get -> here you get all the info to get his/her shards.

You can claim one chest daily. More heroic chests can be opened using Emerald. You can get free emeralds in Hero Wars by completing the sponsored offers, and watching the video ads.

Complete The Quests In Hero Wars

At the bottom center, tap the quest button -> these main quests give gold coins, hero shards, emeralds, EXP Potions, energy, and much more.

Make The Heroes Stronger

To defeat powerful enemies in campaign mode or players in the Arena, you need to make the heroes in the team more stronger: –

  • Level them up using EXP Potions
  • Equip them gears and promote
  • Raise team level to increase the max level
  • Upgrade skills using skill points and gold
  • Evolve them
  • Upgrade heroes skin using skin stones
  • Get better skins for the heroes
  • Equip/upgrade Artifacts
  • Enchant glyphs
  • Upgrade heroes’ attributes; Agility, Strength, and Intelligence using Titan Power Sparks
    Upgrade Titans

Keep gridning and investing!

Join A Guild In Hero Wars

The guild in Hero Wars unlocks at level 30. Join an active guild and participate in guild competitions for more rewards.

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