Smart Game Booster Pro V5.2 Free License Key & Activation Code

Game Booster Pro V5.2

Game boosters claim to optimize your computer’s performance for gaming by freeing up resources, such as CPU and RAM, which can improve game performance. Here we are sharing Smart Game Booster Pro V5.2 Free License Key that you can use to give extra life to your gaming PC.

What is Smart Game Booster Pro V5.2?

Smart Game Booster Pro is a popular tool designed to improve the performance of your gaming PC. It offers a variety of features such as system optimization, game optimization, and real-time system monitoring to help boost your gaming experience.

The Pro version of the software includes advanced optimization options and priority support, which are unlocked through the use of a license key.

The tool is aimed at providing a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for gamers by addressing common issues such as slow performance, lags, and crashes.

Smart Game Booster Pro V5.2 Features

Smart Game Booster Pro is a software program that claims to optimize your computer’s performance for gaming.

Some of the features of Smart Game Booster Pro V5.2 include:

  1. One-Click Game Boost: With a single click, the software can boost your system performance to improve game performance.
  2. System Optimization: It includes tools to clean up junk files, optimize system settings, and defragment your hard drive to improve overall system performance.
  3. Maximize Your Game FPS: It allows you to use the full potential of your PC so that you can maximize your game FPS.
  4. Game Library: It allows you to manage and organize your game library.
  5. Real-time System Monitoring: It provides real-time information about your system performance, including CPU, GPU, and memory usage.
  6. Game Mode: It enables a game mode that suspends background processes and services to minimize system distractions during gaming.
  7. Update Graphics Driver & Audio Drives: Now you can update your graphics & audio drivers using this software by selecting the appropriate drivers.
  8. Record Game: Now record your games in 4K with lots of advanced features.

The free version of Smart Game Booster provides basic optimization options and system monitoring, while the Pro version includes advanced optimization features and priority support.

Smart Game Booster Pro License Key offers more customization options for optimizing your PC, including advanced options for freeing up RAM and optimizing your graphics card.

It also includes access to exclusive tools, such as the Game Assistant and System Monitor, which provide detailed information about your system and game performance.

Overall, the Pro version provides a more comprehensive and personalized gaming experience for users, with additional features and support to enhance their gaming performance.

Smart Game Booster Pro V5.2 Free License Key

First of all, Download the software or installer from the official website. Once done, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your Windows system.

Launch the software and click the three-horizontal (hamburger icon) menu on the top-left of your screen, followed by the ‘Register‘ button.

Copy and paste the below license code in the box to activate the PRO version of Smart Game Booster V5.2.

  • BB373-84C12-16F27-E2FB5
  • 5C4F3-4D3DA-76854-2F8B5


69E2B-7A28C-2E49F-65EB5 (Valid till – August 01, 2023.)


Note: The above code is valid till April 04, 2023.

Finally, click the Register button to use the premium features of Smart Game Booster.

That’s it!! Smart Game Booster Pro License Key will allow you to optimize your gaming PC more efficiently.

Smart Game Booster Pro License Key 2024


Smart Game Booster Pro Activation Codes

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